Korpa Orbital Staion



“Welcome to Kopra, visitor! We certainly are happy to see you here and trying to find out about the peak of the owner´s engineering: Circuit!”


General information: Kopra is composed of Five main “towers” (may change) and a main spherical structure sitting in the middle of all and which each have some sub-sectors. These will be listed right below!





Height 3km (connectors are in the middle  )
With 1km
Lengh 2km


Spehere 1,5km radius
height 500m (flat below)
Lenght of arm tunnels 10km


Service Tower

The service tower is connected with the Spaceport Freight line. You need to be a technician to be able to enter the tower. The tower houses a workshop for ship systems, smeltery, factory lines, and big warehouses. The Service Tower is the biggest employer on Kopra. For the most part, Kopra is Automated but it still needs workers to keep an eye on the systems / repair them or if someone requests to talk to a human instead of the centralized AI.

Circuit's Workshop

Circuit's workshop is located in the tower. It is not much known what it looks like but it is a huge area. Some who listened on his door claimed to have heard heavy machinery. They claim he has a test production line in there.

Bug Production line

The tower houses Kopra's robotic Production line. The base is made and after the base of the bugs is done it gets specialized. Other War machinery runs on the base and is built in a different secured area. Witnesses claim to have seen Mechanical monsters, Electrical Fireflies, and huge kidnapping fireflies. The technology in there is not known

Smeltery and Presses

The smeltery is the heart of the tower. Different materials get created here and it is a less automated job. Engineers and Workers are employed here to test and create new Materials for Kopra and Kopratown. It offers smelting Services for Miners who want to either sell their material or get it to a different location.
The Presses form basic shape products like metal rods, sheets, or plates. They get prepped and Production lines can order materials for their Production. If you choose to get your own material the smelter offers to deliver it in one of the mentioned shapes to your spacecraft.

Production lines

The Towe houses different Production lines for Products from building, robotics and spacecraft, as well as the most important Circuit plant, for the standardized Kopra Circuit Controllers.


The warehouses are huge automated storage. They contain the produced materials, replacement products/parts, and deliveries for stores on Kopra. Deliveries that come from the spaceport are Transported with the logi pods or bigger loads with the KT&L Service Line (Red Line) The Service line is connected to the Main Dome Station where Goods are Distributed in the Central Logistics Hub.

Military Barracks

The Military has their own Spaceport access located in the tower as well as their Commander Central and Akadamy. Soldiers learn to interact with Kopras AI and in case a Desinge Roboter cannot do the job the Military and Special Forces are called. They can interact with the robotics

Main Control Room

The main Control Room is Located in the Tower. It is connected with Circuit's Workshop this control room has Level 9 Access. It has a wall full of monitors and Backup systems. It has a live feed of cameras, KT&L live map, Space Ship Tracker, and RPS System Monitor

KT&L Control Room

The KT&L Control room is Occupied by two Dispatchers. They Supervise the KT&L System and in case of a failure interact with it / manually take over the ARC


Material Engineer
Factory Supervisor
Quality Controller
Service Technicians
Robotic Engineer Assistant
Tower Supervisor / Tower Technician
Software Administrator / Software Developer
Kopra Service Desk (Handles Import & Export / non Automated Guest Service )
Kopra Enterprise Service Desk ( Handles Import & Export / non Automated Orders Enterprise Service)
Kopra Security Chief ( Police )
Kopra Salesman
Kopra Army Employee (Ranks in there )

Scientific Tower

The Scientific Tower of Kopra is mainly used for Research in Medicine, Robotics and Tech and Biology. It has the nickname "Green Lungs of Kopra" and is famous for the Huge Greenhouse spheres inside and outside the Tower. The lab produces medicines for new diseases and the famous Kopra Honey. Everything that is technical new or some unusual diseases brought from expeditions can be treated in the Sunflower hospital.

 Sunflower Hospital

The Sunflower Hospital is Kopras Hospital. Is huge and houses Doctors from all Species and their traditional Medicine combined with the modern and futuristic Medicine of Kopra. The Nurses and Doctors are paid well and jobs are taken quickly. The Hospital has a good name in the Universe for its very Friendly and respectful staff. Circuit is seen once a week to get an unknown treatment. There were also incidents where Nurses dragged him into the examination room.

Daisy Labs

Daisy Labs is a Bio Laboratory that focuses on creating Pharma products and researching new Flora and Fauna in their Natural Habitats. Collected Samples are grown in an enclosed environment or set out into an enclosed greenhouse sphere to gather research data. Summer Sol is the Leader of the laboratories and known for the Idea of the Kopra honey to increase the health of Circuit

Honeycomb Garden Sphere

The Honeycomb garden sphere is located in there. It is the Private Garden of Summer and Circuit with a tiny penthouse and big garden for summer. Rumors say that Circuit uses it as backup place for Kopras data.

Bio Tech Labs

Bio Tech Labs is a special Tab founded by Circuit to research on extending the life span/body transfers/mind save. What exactly it does is not known and well Protected. Employees who leaked insights were reported missing/woke up not remembering it.

Green Houses

The Greenhouses are public an nonpublic. It is often a tourist attraction on Kopra and used to have a little bit of homeland on Kopra. Employees are allowed to visit a greenhouse once a week for free. There are different copies of famous planets in the Kopra Federation. The public/restricted ones may be used for weddings.
The main purpose of the greenhouse is to have a little bit of home on Kopra and research the flora and fauna imported to Kopra.



Habitation Tower

The Habitation Tower is mainly used for living, conferences, and office rooms. The inhabitants and guests of Kopra can find here their Home on the Space Station. It is a less noisy place on the backside of the space station. There are Rooms and Flat's available, as well as Loft's for the more luxurious interested people.


Kopra Commons

Standard apartments are rent-free for Kopra employees. They get individually set up to the species' needs.
2-5 Room Apartments with functional furniture and optional upgrades. (Optional upgrades are different furniture specialized Hobby rooms... )-3

Kopra Loft's

Luxurious lofts for VIP Guests or high-paying guests. It depends on the wish of the inhabitant individualized. Additional services are provided as well (Personal Chef, Butler, or Housekeeper)

Lavender Hotel

The Lavender Hotel is a simple hotel for short-term Guests on Kopra. It has a cozy, comfortable ambiance with a green-purple coloring.
Rooms are available from small bedrooms to luxury lofts. It has two Exclusive Restaurant's, a Cipros Star restaurant and a simple diner.

Cipros Coworking Space

Small and big office and coworking rooms for companies that have a small branch on Kopra. Every office has a standard height changeable desk with a CiPrOs Virtual Session PC on it. Perfect to work from anywhere.

Mission Plan

Conference and Mission Plan rooms in different sizes. They have Kopras' newest Holo Tables which are perfectly suited for Mission planning and Presentations. The Modern conference system can project the picture from far away participants. The Mission Plan also offers an extra Catering Service for full meals, snacks, and drinks.


House Keeper
Office Employee
Real Estate Agent
Service Staff

Center Copula

The Center Copula is the main hub of Kopra's circle, divided into 4 districts. Governance, restaurants, Shopping, and Parks. Its main streets have trees and bushes in the middle to make it a more green and inviting Place. In the middle is a big Plaza nicely made with a statue of Circuit the creator of Kopra. It has an engraved Quote "Innovation with Automation" a future memorial for the great effort and leadership of Circuit. Below the Copula is a big Logistical HUB to sort and distribute goods in Kopra. Freight trains have different stations. The Famous Copula is made out of very durable lead glass and offers a 360°C view on KOS

Shopping District

This district is full of Shops and Malls you can buy everything you need from new clothing to the famous translation chips. The biggest mall is the Automation Shopping Center. It offers a lot of clothing and small restaurants.

Restaurant District 

The Restaurant district has many different cultural cuisines to offer. Every species that lives on Kopra has at least a Chef there. These famous tourist attraction streets are decorated in different ways. Restaurant owners live upstairs of their restaurant in the very First Kopra Flats. Where the living was before the  Habitation Tower was built. Every Street has its cultural original look and daytime simulates light.

Governance  District

The Governance District is Kopra's official hub for Resolving issues and Governmental buildings. Here you pay your tax, register as an inhabitant, find a job or go to a meeting at the Kopra Station Board. The KSB (Kopra Station Board) is a board of elected Kopra inhabitants. It is the institution that talks once a week with Circuit about the Requests and needs of Kopra. (Note Kopra is lead only by the Circuit he is a dictator who listens to the City board and makes adjustments based on the public interest.) You will likely meet Circuit in this district.

Park District

Small parks and Playgrounds as well as tiny lakes to enjoy a day with the sight out of the Kopra Copula. Escape the daily stress for a moment and walk into a mini Forest. The Park also has an entry-free museum about the milestones and tech on Kopra as well as the history of its great leaders Circuit, Summer, and Queen.

Park District

The Logistics Center is below the main street's everything that got imported or exported gets delivered here, sorted and brought to its destination. It has its own KT&L Station and loads up logi Pods that drive to their Destination. You do not have to worry about your Order CPA handles everything for you quickly and comfortably.


Station Board Member
Restaurant Owner / Chef / Weightier
Government Worker
Post Office Worker
Post Office Supervisor
Museum Tourguide
Shop Worker

Spaceport Tower

The Spaceport Tower is the entrance to Kopra. Everything that comes in or goes out goes through here. The KT&L Service line has a direct connection to the Service Tower to ensure fast deliveries. Passages, diplomats guests, and traders land here with their ship first and enter customs. The Space Station offers a big garage and a brigade of skilled mechanics they are very well trained and their Leader is an Avali (TBN). The Spaceport Aswell offers services to install software updates for the RPS as well as install the System to the ship for quicker interstellar travel.


The Hub is the main station for the RPS various Portals connect planetary cities in the system. As well as bigger mining Outposts. Watch out! There is a lot of traffic. It also has as well a small information center about the RPS system.  You can buy here the system / let it be upgraded by a service technician. The big Portal rooms are ruby-shaped and every shape has a portal to a fixed destination. You simply automatically activate it when walking through wards it. The most used Portal is to Korpatown.

Workshops and Hangars

The hangars are equipped with tools and a small workshop to do maintenance on the ship. If you decide to do it yourself it is free. Kopra offers repair services by its robots or technicians. Simply go to the hangar service desk and order something. (Cleaning is aswel a service)  

Customs & Registration

The Customs and Registration are the first Checkpoint of Kopra and its strict policies. With the help of CiPrOs most incoming goods are checked in quickly and available in the marketplace console for trade. Passports are checked very strictly and a visa can be filed at the check-in. Kopra inhabitants have an express line for check-in they get scanned for illegal substances and are good to go.
First-timers on Kopra, need to go through the registration process of the space station. It is similar to creating a digital ID for the space station.

Ship captains are asked to pay the landing fees as well as the fees for the crew.


The ATC of Kopra is located here on the side they Supervise the KT&L in case of an emergency. The ATC controls starts, and lands from the hangars as well as outgoing and incoming Traffic requests for the RPS. Pilots are asked to define their destination to form flying groups when the Portal is ready for it's destination. More far-away Destinations are only Connected up once a week.


ATC Controller
RPS Technician
Service Worker
Customs Officer
Ship Technician
ATC Supervisor
Security Officer
KT&L Traffic Controller

Entertainment Tower

The entertainment tower is a very special place in Kopra! Simply said it is an Amusement Park, Shopping mall, or Movie Theater. Everything you can think of has to do with entertainment. Kopra is encouraging its inhabitants to crate operas, theaters, or gigs to share their own culture with the station.

The Studios

TV Broadcast studio for shows, news, and movies. As well as Theater and live stages can be found here. The Station TV Kopra TV has its offices and Reporters here. Stay up to date when Circuit is a guest in the Weekly news.

Amusement Park

The Kopra Amusement Park is a big open Hall in the Lower Section of the Tower. It has many attractions for Adrenaline junkies and as well for children the Zero G Labs.  Where Children and the Schools of Kopra can actively learn about tech, physics, chemistry, and biology. Summer Sol sometimes gives a special tour for the Graduates or Tour groups. They can learn from her expertise and the best ones will likely be recruited for Daisy Labs or Sunflower Hospital with a scholarship.

Some Trill rides are Aswel in the Park. The Very Famous 0G-Loop. The 0G-Loop is a catapult flying rollercoaster guests are seated in comfy chairs and pulled to the ceiling before the start. It' feels like flying for them. The Coaster goes all the way Up to the ceiling where you can overlook the whole amusement park. After that it goes into a dark tunnel before you start to feel the Zero gravity and the cart as it is get's catapulted forward out of the tube down into the first loop where afterwards the gravity set's in again. The coaster quickly goes up into a spiraled long 180° curve. It feels like flying as a free bird before getting launched down into the second loop backwards and back uphill where you slowly fly again over a section of the park. The Zero Gravity set's in at this section. As you look down you feel light as a bird flying over the park. At the end of this section the gravity set's in and you go down and up some hills and spirals before the final Curve back to the station set's in. (I should build this in Roller Coaster Tycoon...)
The Sky HAWK. Only the Toughest will do this.

The Kopra drop is Circuit's favorite ride. It's a fee-fall tower that goes all the way Up to the top of the Tower where you get a nice view from above over the whole station until... you drop down all the way. If you fear to the the 2km drop you can always opt for a custom height or in small etapps. You also have the option of how you want to make the drop. Face down, upside down, or seated upright. You as well can do the Circuit Jump, It's Circuit's favorite mode on the drop, on the top you get flipped over and accelerate downwards until you reach the bottom. *You have to sign a Waiver before the extreme rides. Kopra is not eligible for any bodily injuries.

The rest of the amusement park has the classics you know, Roller coasters, circus, food, themes of the different cultures, and minigames like horse race. Everything you can think of in an Amusement park.

Shopping mall

The Shopping mall of Kopra is located in the Top of the Tower. It has a very nice Cafe on the Rooftop where you can overlook the station. The mall has a built-in Cinema and for each floor a designated area for the different cultures of Kopra. Some areas are more like Bazars others are fully stuffed with street food like halls. You can find mostly everything here, from groceries to space cruisers.

The Kopra Theater

The Kopra Theater has many different places. From Movies to Operas, cultural and educational stuff does not come too short here.

Other Attraction

The Tower houses aswel local sports teams and activities. Bowling Billiard, Soccer, Football everything you can think of or maybe you would like to become a part of a team?
Mecha Arena with Circuit 40 days.. Registration open - Ticket's available
Grandmaster Wrestling 20 Days... Tickets Available
Truck 'n Bones - Tickets Available
Hamlet  - Soldout Soon!
Laser Tag Finals - SOLDOUT


Service Worker
Arena Contestant
Shopping Butler
Camera Mam
Sound Technician
Social Worker
Lost property helper