A Day in the Wild 


Vanja had a free day and her Café was closed for the weekend. She wanned to spend some time with Goldtooth and she would be surprised, what her boyfriend had prepared for her. She dressed up in a beautiful pink dress and came walked to to goldtooth who was waiting in the dorm. He complemented her look.

"You look amazing hun" Vanja blushed immediately and walked up to her boyfriends  kissing him on the cheek.
"Thank you my cutie". Goldtooth looks at her and takes Vanjas arm. In his other hand he hold a picknick basked. Let's go then I found a nice place in the forest I wanned to show you.

Both of them went to the forest walked alongside the Sickle walker warnings and came to a more open space. Goldtooth smiled and said "This is the place." The place was up on a hill near the bushes next to the begin of the forest. He put a blanked onto the floor and placed the basked alongside of it. Vanja looked at the place and looked at the grassland Infront of them. It was a bit downhill. Vanja smiled and as Goldtooth sat down next to her she lay down her head on his shoulder. "It is very nice here and so peaceful. You know all the places thats so romantic."

Goldtooth smiled and replied to her "Thank you hun, but you haven't seen the best part of it yet." He handed her mochis and some snacks and kissed her. "You must be hungry let's eat something while we wait. I got some of your cakes and the pop things my Noctapod loves"

Vanja seemed happy and they had a small picknick together. After an hour something was rustling in the bush. A glowing horn and a head peeked out of the forest onto the grassland downhill. After a while a small group of Noctapods walked onto the grassland looked around and lie down in the warm sun. Vanja and Goldtooth watched them and she wispered to him. "Woah that's so beautiful" Goldtooth nodded and watched aswell the Noctapods cuddleing with his girlfriend.After a while some of the Noctapods stood up and walked toghwards the both of them Goldtooth was prepared and threw some Noctapod treats infront of them. He put one into the hands of Vanja and smiled to her. Feed them they are very gentle. The Noctapods looked a bit curious at both of them and as Vanja held the treat throughwards the Noctapod it came near. It's long tongue snacked the treat and Vanja giggled. It came near and she was able to pet them goldtooth did aswel. They seemed to know them. After a while the Noctapods went on their way and Goldtooth packed up the stuff. Vanja was smiling all over her face this was so romantic of him. She kissed him. "You are so cute Goldie. That was so magic so have such gentle wild Noctapods around. You knew that they would come here." She giggled. Goldtooh smiled. "I know you would love it let's get home."