Kobrol System 

The Kobrol system is the sun system where Kopra is located. The sun houses Various of planets and it's moons. 


Good Athmosphere  - Orbit:  KOS  | Moons: Kaplar, Lunmox, Kastaris | Has brownish looking rings | Gravitation 1,2G ( 11,8 m/s)

Navigation Points


Kopra Orbital Station
“Welcome to Kopra, visitor! We certainly are happy to see you here and trying to find out about the peak of the owner´s engineering: Circuit!”



A new day arises when the moons fall below the Horizon. The sunflowers bloom on this peaceful land. Kopratown, the home of my deamland.


Moon of Kopra


Moon of Kopra


Moon of Kopra  

Planet 86

Planet 86 - Desert Planet, Resource Rich - Orbit Moons, Wong Mu, Brogarus  - 1,3 G (12,7 m/s)

Be a great asset for Kopra.

Prison 86


Mineral Planet, Toxic Athomsphere 0,5G (4,9 m/s)


Volcanic Planet - Moderate Athmosphere  0,7G (6,8 m/s)

Oub Aoscs 

Resouce Rich Water Planet - Good Athmosthere 1G (9,8 m/s)

Planet 467

Gas Planet - Moons (5) , Moon 467 (Colonized 0,8G ) | 5G ( 49,05 m/s) | Orbital: MAMOK (Mining and Mineral Outpost Kopra ) 

Planet EKT

 Relic Planet (1G) Relicts of a formoer high risen society, where did they go?

Asterioid Belts 

1 & 2 & 2B